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  • Glen Trematore, CEO

To Whom Can Church Leaders Look for Advice?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

In this day and age, churches must be ever vigilant against those who would like to separate God’s people from their money. At CDS, we believe that it is important to have a consultant involved in the planning apart from the procurement of the equipment and materials needed at the church. Many local installers are very well qualified to install and even provide advice for equipment purchases; however, it is difficult for these installers and resellers not to have their own personal and business drivers. This is not bad, it is simply business! Also, the interaction needed between designers and engineers in new building construction can be daunting, at the least, for some installers and resellers.

CDS’ model is that of service and consultation. Because we are not a reseller of equipment, we can provide product-neutral advice. Also, since we are the central command hub for the building design, electrical and mechanical engineering, and sound, network and video design, the facility can be modified and/or properly designed to fit the technology needs supporting the vision of the church. As an example, we know of a church that, upon completing their facility, was informed by a local sound installer that an additional 400amp service needed to be installed to support the lighting and sound. This was an additional cost of over $25,000.00 that could have been averted. Working with the electrical engineers, we could have specified the service and equipment necessary for the facility during the design and engineering phase.

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