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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What States can CDS build in?
    We can build across the United States. We do not build outside of the US.
  • Do you maintain licenses in all 50 states?
    No, we do not maintain the needed licenses in all 50 states; however, CDS is able to offer services either through reciprocity, NCARB and/or through a subsidiary company licensed in your state and we are able to obtain other required business and construction licenses through the normal channels.
  • We are having trouble getting started on our building program. Can you help?
    Yes. You know you need to build. The big question is: “Where do we go from here and how do we get there?” In response to this, we started an on-site consulting service . To take advantage of this service, we need at least 30 days notice. There is a 100% money back guarantee. Please call for availability and cost.
  • Can we afford to build?
    That's never an easy question to answer, but it's the most important question you can ask! Beginning a building project without being completely sure you can afford it is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes, enthusiasm and confidence motivate Church leaders to start a project before they have a clear idea of what is involved and it can do serious damage to the congregation's morale and viability. We recommend beginning the building process with a thoughtful plan that details the goals and scope of the project, includes realistic budgets for every aspect, and specifies how funding will be secured. Our team has extensive experience at helping churches like yours develop those plans.
church building plans
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