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About Us

CDS offers

Church Development Services Offers:

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  • Premier Church Building Plans

  • Church Consulting Services

  • Financial Services

  • Construction Services

Church Development Services

can help with your Church expansion:  Consult, Finance, Construction.

ministry driven

Ministry Driven

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Church Development Services

has helped hundreds of Church's all over the United States and our model of delivery has always been and will always be...

Ministry Driven!

more than 35 years experience

More than 35 years experience

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  • Compiled a comprehensive library of church building plans. 

  • Assembled a great team of church consultants, design specialists and construction managers, all specializing in church and/or church-related development.

our affiliates

Our Affiliates

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CDS, or one of our affiliate companies, is able to find the right solution for your church needs.

Digital Church Plans

Church Plan Source

We aim to honor God by providing the highest and best value to churches,

helping to protect them every step of the way.


Our approach includes consultations that lead to ministry-driven designs, mindful of budget

constraints and cost-saving techniques that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each church.

Our team of licensed architects and engineers specializes in church and church-related building

design, with a deep understanding of the church and a love for the Lord and His people.

Our construction management process is designed to deliver projects at the lowest real cost

in your market while ensuring cost savings are passed on to the church.

We also reinforce the church's control over its project.

We can also help arrange financing for churches through traditional and non-traditional sources,

such as loans, mezzanine financing, second mortgages, bond programs, individual investors,

and lease-purchase arrangements.

Additionally, we partner with commercial developers who can help take excess land and turn

it into an income-producing asset to fund ministry

Meet The Team

Our Mission

we honor god

We honor God by providing the highest and best value to a church, protecting the church every

step of the way through...

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  •  Education 

  • Consulting

  • Affordable design

  • Cost-saving construction methods tailored to the unique needs of each church. 

Our mission - ministry

Church building is our ministry, and we make it our business to ensure churches spend their resources wisely.

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Our role is to get involved when facilities hinder the work of ministry, but our outreach does not stop with the local church.

Building committees

Building Committees can sometimes struggle with leading the church to a final resolution

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Church Development Services offers consults with Churches to share the proven processes and answer questions 

who we support

As a company, we support

the ministries of...

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and others with our time, talent, and financial support.

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