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Right now in Nicaragua, over 1.2 million people experience hunger every single day.

Most of them are children.

In partnership with over 300 local churches, ORPHAN Network is fighting to wipe out hunger, eliminate malnutrition, elevate education performance, and introduce children to the love of Jesus. You can give with confidence knowing that every dollar donated is maximized in programming and outreach to transform children’s lives in Nicaragua.

Josias' story provides a special glimpse of one child's transformative journey that has been fueled by your support of ORPHANetwork. 

At the tender age of six, he's faced many life trials: surgeries, speech delays, malnourishment, and fears of acceptance among his peers.

Throughout these challenges, Josias found strength in the loving embrace of our local church partners in his rural community. 

With the church's compassionate support, today, Josias is blossoming; he is now healthier, brimming with self-esteem, and has found strength in his faith in Jesus. 

We are so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to build up healthy minds, bodies, and self-worth and create thriving Christ followers; and for the joy of witnessing stories like Josias' unfold.

Blessings and Gratitude, 

The Good Work

How ORPHAN Network Serves

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