Church Development Services, LLC is a development company that offers multiple services. For more information about our firm, see our About Us page.


We provide the church with the benefit of a single relationship that can meet any or all of the church’s needs with respect to organizing, planning, designing, financing, and building new church facilities.  We can provide these services individually or as a turnkey church integrated project delivery solution.

Our four primary areas of service to the church are:



Planning / Needs & Feasibility Assistance

Building Design

Church Design to Provide Church Building Plans



Church Financial Services to Help You Get Financing



Church Construction Services



Four Services – One Goal


Church Development Services, with its experience in these individual services, works interactively and in a collaborative effort for the benefit of the church.  For instance, in a consulting engagement to help a church understand what it needs to build and what it can afford, we will draw upon the combined resources of the church building and fundraising consultants, finance team, design team, and construction team to provide a comprehensive, multi-discipline analysis.


Regardless of which piece of the puzzle we provide to your church, you will get the benefit of wise counsel across multiple disciplines. As our logo illustrates, we provide this unparalleled breadth of service under one roof, headed by Christ.

Church Development Services - 4 Services, One Goal

Church Consulting Services

Church Consulting Services

The Church Consulting Services Division provides education and consulting services to assist churches in preparation for a building program. We can help your church objectively understand what it needs to build, what it can afford to build, and how to pay for it. Asking and answering these questions prepares the church for design and fundraising success.



Church Design Services


With over 25 years of church building design experience, and more than 50 years of combined in house experience our team has completed over 500 church projects in a span of nearly 3 decades.

One thing we have learned over the year is that church design is fundamentally different than other industry designs -- no different than saying medical design is unique, or retail design is unique, or office space design is unique. All come under commercial building codes, but are incredibly different from one another. CDS is associated only with designs of church and church-related facilities. 

CDS Church Design Services

We have an unmatched level of experience

and competitive pricing that

reflects our ministry focus.

Church Financial Services


Church Development Financial Services (CDFS) draws on over fifty-years of principal experience not only in development and restructuring church projects, but also in business mergers and acquisitions (up to $50 million) and large real estate transactions (over $175 million).  Combining this experience with our love for the Lord, CDFS is able to deliver cost-effective financing solutions to the church.


Since CDFS has access to multiple sources of funding, it can be creative in mixing and matching what is needed to enable a congregation to fulfill God’s commission to spread the Gospel. In addition to assisting the church in obtaining financing, CDFS offers other church financial services.

We Offer Cost Effective Financial Solutions

Church Construction Services

The Church Construction Division was founded to implement church building plans in a manner that is most cost effective for the church.  Our Construction Management process is proven to save the church money, and ensures that cost savings are retained by the church.


We believe that our process provides the most cost-effective church construction solution and one which best implements sound biblical stewardship principals.   Follow the link to learn more about how our construction process and Integrated Project Delivery method can provide your church the best building solution while getting the most out of every precious church dollar.

CDS Church Construction Services

God is a God of Order


In a church building program, there is a correct and proper order--a logical process.  Churches struggling with a building program will often be found to have skipped one or more steps or perhaps gotten them out of order.  If you do the first things first, you will find the rest of the pieces will naturally fall into place.


If your church is unsure about what and how to build, or if you have been meeting for months or years with no results, contact us.

We can help.

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