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Building Design

We are church developers!


Why Select CDS as Your Church Designer?

We only work with design and construction having to do with

churches and church related facilities!


CDS is blessed to have a team of professionals that has well over 30 years of experience

and 500 church projects completed across the US.

We know cost-effective church design, and we understand how to work with churches!


Our focus is not just designing churches, but on seeing the churches built for ministry and the effective working out of the church’s mission of expanding the Kingdom.

Church Design Service

Church Development Services, together with affiliate companies, can offer a wide range of services.


Based on the Church's needs, CDS can offer a Complete Design Service or

Partial Design Service Service for a Church that has development skill and experience.

Because of our in-depth church design experience and a library of nearly 500 church plans,

we are able to deliver high quality church building plans cost effectively.

And while saving money is very important, how well the building plan meets the ministry

needs of the church is even more important, now and in the future.


Design Services

  • An inventory of church building plans

  • Preliminary (concept) church design

  • Sealed church construction documents

  • Master planning

  • Space planning

  • Structural design

  • Retain and manage site engineer for civil and site engineering

  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans

  • Landscape design

  • Interior design

  • Color renderings

  • 3D computer models

  • Responding to builder/bidder inquiries

  • Space planning & programming

  • Site evaluation and selection assistance.

Related Design Services

  • Zoning/re-zoning assistance

  • Bid documents/drawings

  • Bidding administration

  • Bidding/negotiation

  • Opinion of probable cost

  • Multi-year cash flow projections

  • Bid evaluation

  • Contract award

  • Financial budgeting

  • Loan procurement assistance

  • Feasibility studies

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