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What's So Special About CDS?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Here’s what just some of our clients report about our greatest strengths:

"Their expertise, knowledge, and their efficiency in overseeing things. Glen is a hands-on CEO. He’s involved in the details of everything. He doesn’t just sit in an office and let others do this. He’s hands-on."

Les Heins, Riverside Church of Christ -- Lafayette, LA


"One is because all they do is build churches--they know how to work with churches. They understand what we need, what we’re trying to accomplish. They’re committed to building what we want to build. The second thing is cost. A nearby church came over to see what we’d done with CDS. They’d been quoted by an architect and contractor that it would cost $3.2 million. It was to build the same thing we just built for $1.4 million. The church was astonished at what had been done."

Jeffrey Elliott, New Covenant Presbyterian Church -- Virginia Beach, VA


"I would say it’s because they had the architects, they managed the construction – they did it well. They handled the whole project. Glen flew out here regularly to double check that we were happy and everything was proceeding well."

Dave Looper, Chisholm Trail Church of Christ -- Duncan, OK


"I’d say the value of what you’re going to get. We interviewed a number of architects. CDS’ value for the dollar is by far the best out there. They know their stuff. We have a number of folks in our church who work in the trade. But CDS is so knowledgeable; they have the experience."

Michael Bonitz, First Congregational Church -- Pomfret, CT

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