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Church Plan Source

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Your #1 Resource for Church Building Plans

Church Plan Source was developed as a free informational resource in 2007, and offered as a tool churches could use when considering an expansion project.

As church building consultants and expansion experts, we often recommend too many of our church clients that they should consider using plans from other church building projects as a resource for ideas and to better understand the space needed to accommodate their vision.

All of these plans can be customized, and more than likely may require changes due to changing code requirements.

Church Plan Source and all the CDS divisions work very hard to protect the church during critical phases of church expansion, and are known to recommend the right solution even if CDS is not the delivery agent.

Using the information on the Church Plan Source website, churches, after logging in, can see many examples of floor plans that have actually been built.

This should help the Church save time and eventually money in the process. Today, Church Plan Source continues to be a free informational resource and more... for more information click the link

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