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Protecting the Church’s Children

What kind of questions must be considered when creating protocols for your church?

In the Church Executive May/June 2017 edition, Maryjane W. Fuller, Director of Human Resources and Safe Environment for Catholic Diocese Richmond, was interviewed regarding protecting the church's children. Below is her response to the above question.

“Controlling access is a very important part of our Safe Environment Program training. When we talk about control access, we’re asking, Do we have locks on doors? Do we have protocols on keeping doors in parishes locked when children are present? Do we have applications for our ministry? This gives us a chance to sit down and to share what our policies and procedures are.

Face-to-face interviews for staff and volunteers are extremely important, as are background checks. This is important in any environment where children are involved. Code of conduct and knowledge of policies are just as important.

In terms of monitoring programs and procedures, we need to keep a close eye on the programs that involve our children or where children are present. Is there some kind of video security? Are you walking through buildings and making sure that doors that should be locked remain locked? What are the secluded areas? Are there enough volunteers in the ministry or during the event?”


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