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Mistakes to Avoid in an Expansion Project #1

Failure to Conduct a Needs Analysis:

Yes, you realize you need more space. But what kind of space do you need? Can an existing space be utilized, or will you have to add to your building? Do you have the land to expand?

These questions and others should be answered during a needs analysis or feasibility study. Such a study should be done by an architect before any other phase- even before the selection of an architect to design your plans.

Having a professional outside source conduct a "needs and feasibility" study allows a better overall picture view of the church's requirements now, and for several years out. Once a congregation gets beyond their emotions and personal areas of concern, they can see the overall picture. Otherwise, you can end up with a church poorly designed by committee.

Do not to confuse "planning" with buying a set of plans. Planning is taking us from where we are to where we want to be. Most architects want to start at the drawing of a building. The architect asks, “What do you want to build?” What most churches need is someone to ask, “How can we help you determine your needs?”

Don't think of building by what you need now. Plan to build what you will need in five years.

Build a building that can be added onto

Start from the end- what you want it all to look like- and work back.

Picture what the whole campus should look like after all the phases are completed.

A healthy church will grow; build your church to accommodate growth.


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