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  • Jennifer Johnson

Value of Streaming Your Church Service

Reaching people with the message of what Christ has done is a number one priority. Streaming is an option that easily helps to spread the good news of the gospel.

We have many people who ‘attend’ worship without actually being in the church building:

a. Shut-ins b. Members who are traveling and/or aren’t able to attend because of illness or other reasons c. New members who are looking for a church family d. Outreach organizations that are supported by the church

It’s often easy to want to step back from technological advancements in a church setting, due to feeling such as that it’s not necessary, with church having been in existence for a long while without it, but in the case of streaming a worship service, it’s difficult to argue against its benefits. Streaming isn’t about who is in church on a Sunday morning — it’s about who isn’t in church on a Sunday morning.

When we talk about growing a church, streaming is the perfect avenue to help.

When we talk about spreading the good news of what Christ has done, streaming is an avenue that can do just that. If your church isn’t streaming yet, consider it a worthwhile investment of both time and money. You won’t be sorry.

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