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How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?

- Through consultations leading to designs that are ministry driven, budget conscious, sensitive to cost-savings techniques, and are tailored to fit the individual needs of each church.

- By not only helping you plan well, but also helping your church raise the money to achieve the vision.

- With licensed architects and engineers who specialize in church and church-related building design, people with an understanding of church, a love of the Lord and His church.

- Our construction management process delivers your project at the lowest real cost in your market, and assures cost savings pass through to the church and reinforces the church’s control over its project.

- By providing or arranging church financing, through traditional and non-traditional sources, including but not limited to loans, mezzanine financing, second mortgages, bond programs, individual investors and lease-purchase arrangements.

- In partnership with commercial developers who can help take excess land and turn it into an income-producing asset to fund ministry.

- By being able to provide a complete turnkey solution for your church development campaign.

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