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  • Church Development Services

Why Use Church Development Services?

We offer one relationship that will meet any or all of a church’s needs – from planning through design, fundraising, financing, and construction!

We supply what the church may be lacking – the missing ingredients that will help your church become the vision that God has for it.

We will help you navigate the maze of development in a manner that will save time, money and effort while producing a better result.

We first listen to the church leadership to understand the vision, the ministry and the community programs in which the church wants to be involved. We review the stewardship/resource history and future growth plans. We review the attendance records, local demographics, and local construction costs to insure your plans meet ministry needs as well as the church’s financial ability. WE WILL NOT KNOWINGLY ENGAGE in a design project if we do not feel the church can afford to complete the project.

Church Development Services combines our love for Christ, and our love for serving in the body of Christ, resulting in a track record of execution with excellence.

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