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  • Glen Trematore

Did You Know that Church Building Plans Often Never Get Constructed?

In our 30 years of experience, we have found that many church plans designed and “sealed” by a licensed architect never get built. Each year, millions of dollars are wasted on church plans which end up in a closet and are never constructed. Why?

  • [endif]--A proper needs assessment or development process specific to churches is not followed.

  • Not enough attention was paid to cost and financial ability during the visioning phase.

  • There is conflict on project cost estimates between the architect and builder.

At CDS, we take the time to first understand the vision, the ministry, and the community programs in which the church wants to be involved. We will know what the church will be able to afford to build because we will have done a financial analysis to ensure the church can afford the project and demonstrate how it will be afforded. In most cases, the prices of our construction drawings are less than half the cost of custom plans. What’s more, we know our plans are cost effective and can be built as drawn because our church construction division has had input in the design process.



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