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Capital Campaign

A Capital Campaign will effectively raise money from within, and potentially outside, the congregation through an offering above and beyond current tithes and offerings. By joining intellectual and spiritual understanding with emotional involvement, a capital campaign will be a spiritually rewarding effort that will also raise substantial money for large capital projects such as construction, relocation, or renovation.

A church capital campaign is about the spiritual growth that produces the appropriate faith response to a topic that is of great emphasis in the Scriptures-giving.

A capital campaign is not offering a service or product such as a chicken dinner in exchange for a financial contribution nor is it a guilt-laden, high pressure sales pitch used to “fleece the sheep” of their money. A biblical campaign is a journey of spiritual development, faith building in the promises of God, and understanding His perfect plan of providence.

Our Capital Campaign is based on the Word of God, and is implemented using the proven best practices developed over decades in other churches. It is a key component of a wise financial strategy for new construction, renovation, debt retirement, or other capital expenditures.


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