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  • Glen Trematore

Tools to Help Your Church Expand

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Are you in need of something to move your church forward in its desire to expand, while preventing common mistakes from occurring? Our Pre-Planning Tool Kit (PPTK) can help. The PPTK contains vital information including general planning guidelines; information on land requirements, city codes, permitting, site preparation and costs; common mistakes to avoid; financial worksheets; and floor plans, elevations, and 3D color renderings – just to name a few.

Just about every church expansion campaign today will approach a million dollars or more. To try to do this without expert counsel is taking a huge risk. To pay for a service you probably will not utilize is also a mistake. We believe the PPTK is the appropriate product/service and the best value proposition. To learn more about our PPTK, please click here.


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