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A Happy Church ... Chisholm Trail Church of Christ - Duncan, OK

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

“Once we met Glen, we showed him our idea for a proposal. CDS bid the whole project turnkey. I was the head of the building committee. CDS did it all. We gave them our design. They had a local Oklahoma guy be the construction manager. They oversaw the construction. And their fee was less than an architect and a construction firm.

We had an older building, 2800 sq. ft. Then we bought 80 acres. We ended up with a brand new 5,000 sq. ft. facility that CDS built for us. It was a $5 million project. We looked at adding on to our existing building. Instead we moved to a new (80 acres) location.

Everyone in the church loved the on-site manager from CDS. That person, Wade, lived in Oklahoma City. He lived here during the week and drove home on the weekends. He was loved. I still communicate with Glen, even though we’ve been done for more than a year. We became friends. I’m a big fan of the whole place.”

Dave Looper, Building Committee Chairman

Chisholm Trail Church of Christ

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