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  • Glen Trematore

What is a Feasibility Study, and how can my church benefit?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It is most likely that your church will never undertake a task that is more demanding or complicated in terms of cost, risk, and effort than it will in a church building program. Following a proper process will ensure your church builds the right solution and makes the best and highest use of its money, time, and manpower resources.

Here are just some of the benefits your church can expect to receive from a Feasibility Study:

  • Determines Financial Feasibility

  • Validates If Land Will Support the Vision

  • Develops Clear Vision and Actionable Plan

  • Builds Consensus

  • Sets Realistic Expectations

  • Helps Avoid Expensive Mistakes

  • Uncovers Potential Issues

  • Improves Church’s Satisfaction With Finished Project

  • Provides a Space Plan To Drive Design Process

  • Improves Financial Support

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