Purchasing Land or Buildings

Consider the following:

  • Site location; the net acres suitable for building, site shape, and topography.

  • Prior zoning: can the site be rezoned for church use?

  • Environmental factor: Was the site ever a dump or an old factory?

  • Verify that the site has all the utilities available, especially water and sewer.

  • The land purchase agreement with the prior owner(s) should be with continuances such as zoning approval, favorable environmental study results, and utility availability.

  • Verify that the purchase option or agreement will give you enough time to do the above items. In most cases, one year will be favorable.

  • Churches may also want to consider purchasing existing property with large vacant buildings to be renovated. This may be a viable option, but consider the initial cost of property, renovation cost, and location. Verify the environmental status of the existing site and building.

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