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Watermarke Church

Bellefonte, PA


A Message From our Pastor


Our vision at Watermarke Church is to see our community transformed by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As you’re looking around our website, browsing our social media posts and, perhaps, visiting us in person, we hope that our vision will become obvious to you. We hope you will encounter our passion to love Christ and to love others. And we hope that you will consider your relationship with Jesus and how we can encourage that relationship to grow. Please, don’t be a stranger!

Drop me an email or give me a call if you’d like to find out more.–

Pastor Tim


Project Progress & Features


We believe there is one divine Being who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. While our human minds cannot fully grasp everything about God’s nature, it is still possible to know Him and live in a relationship with Him. God created everything that exists in the Universe. (Gen.1;1; Acts 17:24-28; Heb.11:13)


We believe Jesus is the eternal, divine Son of God. He voluntarily gave up his rights as God to live on earth as a human being. Jesus was born of a virgin, and lived a perfect, sinless life. Even though he was perfect, he was executed by crucifixion on a cross. However, three days later he bodily arose from the grave. He then went back to Heaven where he now serves as the mediator between God and Mankind. At the end of time he will visibly return to earth


We believe the Holy Spirit lives in every person who follows Christ and has received God’s salvation. The Spirit helps people change to become more like Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit empowers, and equips Christ-followers for the purpose of building up God’s kingdom, the Church.

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