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Victory Gospel Chapel

Portsmouth, VA


Bishop George Eison is the pastor of Victory Gospel Chapel of Norfolk, Virginia. He is an ordained licensed pastor, which he received his pastoral licensing from Victory Gospel Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas, from his father in the faith, Bishop Donny Banks. Bishop George Eison is a Man of God who is a father to the father-less, a man of honor & truth, and leads God’s people as he continues to follow Christ. Along with his lovely wife, Elderess Priscilla Eison, they are on fire for God. He is a Man of God that loves people, packing the power of Jesus Christ and through the blood of Jesus souls are won, delivered, healed and set free!!!

 Bishop Eison was born in the city of New York. A father of six beautiful children; three daughters and three sons. He came to Virginia in 2006, to preach the “Gospel” to the poor & brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom to the captives and release the prisoners from darkness, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. He & his wife are taking the land for Jesus!!!


Project Progress & Features


Our ministry is ordained by God to target individuals that have been overtaken by drugs, alcohol, gangs, prostitution and various social problems. Through the knowing power of Jesus Christ men and women are set free are no longer committed to the bondage of sin!


Victory Gospel Chapel Behold Ministries are thriving in their perspective communities where we go forth feeding and clothing the people that are in need in the community. We also give them prayer and encouraging words to teach them the Will of God for there Lives and let them know that God Can and God Will!!!!!!


Welcome to Victory Gospel Chapel where we are a hands-on, faith-based ministry that targets individuals from different walks of life and teach them how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We preach the fundamental doctrine of the Gospel as given to us through God's inspired WORD, the Bible. Come join us for service, "Where the Feast of The Lord is and the Table is Spread."

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