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Trinity Presbyterian Church

Norfolk, VA



Trinity Presbyterian Church exists to reach people with the freedom of Christ, to equip people with the truth of Christ, and to send people with the love of Christ. 


By God's grace, we hope to glorify Jesus Christ through our commitment both to the church and the city.   


Trinity is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), which is a denomination that subscribes to historic, orthodox Christianity as confessed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We believe it is important to be connected and accountable to other churches, and our denomination is our primary (though not exclusive) avenue for achieving those things. Presbyterian denominations group churches by regions known as "Presbyteries." In the Presbytery, pastors and churches care for one another and work together to proclaim the gospel to the people of a specific region. Our church is a member of the Tidewater Presbytery, which is the regional group of PCA churches in Hampton Roads.


Project Progress & Features


Our worship is meant to both build up and challenge the believer with the truth of the gospel.
God's grace to us through Jesus Christ is at the core of all that we do here at Trinity,
yet in our public worship services we also welcome and challenge the unbelieving. Our worship is a "safe place" for people who are investigating the Christian faith or who doubt Christianity altogether. We are a community where you can belong before you believe.


Please don't feel like you need to have it altogether before joining us on a Sunday morning.
Some people enjoy dressing up for public worship, and that's perfectly fine, but no one should feel the need to dress any differently for our worship services than you would to go over to a friend's house.


Please let us know how we can support and accomodate your needs during worship.
Worship is a participatory gathering, not a concert or a play. Therefore the congregation is called to participate in the liturgy of the worship service through singing as well as corporate prayers and call and response readings. Our music draws on the rich tradition of hymnody in the church while continuing to appreciate the need for new ways of expressing our gratitude and praise for what Jesus has done for us. Whether we sing a 19th century hymn with piano accompaniment or a 21st century song with drums and guitars,

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