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New Hope Chapel

Plymouth, MA


Our present location at 89 Court Street has served us well for many years, but we have simply outgrown this space. One of the greatest obstacles of this location is the lack of available parking. We can no longer meet the needs of a growing community and a growing congregation at this downtown location. The site at Joshua’s Way is situated ideally in central Plymouth, and its close proximity to Exit 13 off Route 3 allows convenient access to all of Plymouth County. It provides ample parking. The property features beautiful hiking paths that we intend to safeguard and cultivate so the entire community can enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in Plymouth.

Since the Pilgrims landed in America, churches have always been built in the center of towns and neighborhoods as a place of worship, and to provide a central location for community service and outreach. New Hope Chapel has been an active, invested house of worship in the Plymouth community for over 20 years. We are a thriving, Bible-based, non-denominational church that is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serving our community. On the “About” page on our website, we list our core values. One of these core values states: “We are real people committed to real community.”  It’s an honest description of who we are. 

Our church continues to grow because ordinary people are experiencing an encounter with Jesus that changes them forever. As they experience healing and forgiveness, they tell others and God continues to draw more people to salvation through Christ. New Hope Chapel is a place for that to happen. We believe the Bible gives specific instructions about how to relate to the community and the world around us. We care about all people: seniors, families, adults, young adults, and children and we have active ministries to serve them all.  We believe that a church's purpose is to bless and care for others. 

As we expand to a new church building on Joshua’s Way, we will continue serving the needs of our community at 89 Court Street. This downtown location is where our food bank, homeless ministry, some administrative offices, and other services will remain. Through the work of ministry offered at both locations, we hope to increase our ability to serve all of Plymouth County.


Project Progress & Features


New Hope Chapel has existed for over 20 years, and has a positive reputation of service and support to individuals and families throughout Plymouth County. We are active members of our community and work hard to glorify God according to the words of Jesus, who said, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)


New Hope Chapel operates and financially supports many outreach programs locally, nationally and globally. Some of the local outreach efforts include: Bethesda House (providing safe, temporary homes for young mothers, either pregnant or parenting their baby, in Pembroke, MA), Celebrate Recovery (a Christ-centered addiction recovery program), "Take Them a Meal" ministry (providing meals for families in time of crisis), a Food Pantry for those who are under resourced, as well as serving full meals several times weekly to individuals in our local homeless community.


We want to help you take your next step with Jesus, no matter where you are in your faith.
So there’s no need to dress up, pretend to be perfect, or worry about your past.
We just want you to experience Jesus.

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