Mid Atlantic Christian University

Elizabeth City, NC


Our Mission

Mid-Atlantic Christian University is an institution of Christian higher education whose mission is to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.

Our Vision

To be a growing community of superior biblical higher education.

Philosophy of Education

The educational philosophy of Mid-Atlantic Christian University rests upon the conviction that all truth comes from God. Only the Bible, God‘s word, enables us to integrate all fields of knowledge into a meaningful unity; it alone answers the deep questions of the human mind and spirit. Hence, all courses at Mid-Atlantic Christian University are taught from the perspective of the Christian worldview. Mid-Atlantic Christian University provides a Christian education based on a three-fold program of undergraduate instruction: Biblical and theological studies, general studies and professional studies. Mid-Atlantic Christian University believes that an educational program should cultivate development in all areas of a student‘s life. The University seeks to accomplish this through its academic curriculum, its service-learning program and its extracurricular activities. Academic work is designed to provide intellectual growth and maturity. The service-learning program is designed to integrate instruction with practical experience in Christian service. Extracurricular activities are designed to promote spiritual, physical and social growth.


Project Progress & Features


Located in the historic Albemarle region of north-eastern North Carolina, Elizabeth City lies on the Pasquotank River and is known as the Harbor of Hospitality®.

Whether you are interested in museums, sailing, or motor-racing, the Elizabeth City area is rich with activities.

To find out more about Elizabeth City and the surrounding area, just visit the Elizabeth City website or the Pasquotank County Website for more information.