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Chisholm Trail Church

Duncan, OK


If you are looking for a perfect church with perfect people, you won’t find that here! We are a family of ordinary people trying to follow the will of an extraordinary God.

We want to invite you to see the transformation that Jesus can bring to our lives.

We want to include everyone at Chisholm Trail in a community of accountability, forgiveness, discipleship, fellowship and worship so that we can be shaped by what Jesus has done for us.

We know that each member must be involved in serving others and sharing that message of salvation and hope before we can function at our fullest potential.

Will YOU join us on this journey?


Project Progress & Features


At Chisholm Trail, we know that each member must be involved in serving others before we can function at our fullest potential. Our church is not a place for members to sit back and have all of their spiritual desires fulfilled. It is an active, working body that seeks to follow the lead and mission of Jesus, who is the head. We seek not only to follow but model Jesus.


Being involved in Christ’s mission means sharing his grace and compassion with those in need, and sharing his story with all we come into contact. We have dozens of opportunities to be involved in the mission of Jesus in and through the ministries of the Chisholm Trail church family. We are always open to new ways to serve and be that front porch, so let us know if you have a gift that could be utilized to serve and be a front door to Jesus for others


Our Bible Classes . . .
are a vital part of the fellowship and learning that take place here at Chisholm Trail. As much as possible, we try to have smaller class sizes so there is more participation which allows class members the opportunity to learn from each other and also learn about each other.

We have classes for all age groups and would love to have you join us.

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