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Calvary Life

Cheshire, CT


Planted in 1998, with a handful of people, Calvary Life met in a hotel, a school and two renovated warehouses, before possessing our own land in 2007.The 2008 construction of our facility was called the “Miracle in Cheshire” — truly, the process was filled with tangible miracles from God. It began when the church secured 7½ acres of beautiful property, understanding that only 3 acres were usable due to wetlands. As the purchase process commenced, leadership discovered that there were no wetlands and all 7½ acres were in fact usable — doubling the value of the property! In addition, the hidden treasure of “Calvary’s Hill” was revealed: it contained 40,000 yards of valuable soil, which was sold for over $400,000!

This wasn’t just average soil, but was the purest and most valuable soil in the state. Just as God created and fashioned man from the ground, the dirt on this property became an unexpected and vital resource in financing this house of God. Through donations, creative financial strategies and much prayer, Calvary was able to build this facility for a fraction of its true value.

Our 32,000 sq. ft, stood as a testimony of the faithfulness of God. At the time of its construction, costs ranged anywhere from $120 to $140 a sq. ft. Calvary’s completed project came in at an amazing $75 per sq. ft, fully furnished. Truly, this is a demonstration of the uncommon favor of God.


Project Progress & Features


Calvary Life’s vision and mission is to help all people develop and enrich their personal walk with Jesus. We desire to see every believer brought to maturity and released into their God-given purpose. Our purpose as a local church is to fulfill the mandate of Jesus, by reaching the lost, building people and families, and bringing hope and restoration to our communities.


Calvary Life a group of believers committed to Jesus from various backgrounds spanning over multiple campuses reaching across the world. Calvary Life Family Worship Center is one of the fastest growing churches in the Northeast. In an area that has been called dry and parched, we have overturned fallow ground and flourished. By God’s grace, Calvary Life has successfully impacted this region with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, compassion outreaches and the uncompromising Word of God.


Under the leadership of Pastors John and Carmela Muratori, Calvary Life has become a melting pot for all nationalities, social classes and generations to worship together and seek the heart of God. Though a relatively young church, Calvary Life has experienced miraculous multiplication.

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