Resource Guide - Sample Church Plans


Get our new Resource Guide with 50 sample church plans.  These plans are representative of our in-house library of more than 1,000 church floor plans and elevations that include:

  • Sanctuaries which accommodate anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 people

  • Churches with half- and full-court gymnasiums (Gymatoriums)

  • Multi-purpose buildings

  • Traditional and contemporary church designs

  • Plans for rectangular, square, and even octagonal buildings

  • Christian schools and christian education

Instant Download – 88 Page Digital Resource Guide – Only $29.95 

Church Development Services Resource Guide

Our new Resource Guide of church floor plans and elevations can be a wonderful catalyst for the building committee, for providing new ideas and concepts, and helping the church begin the design process.  Get yours today!

NOTE:  The CDS Resource Guide is copyrighted and limited to the use of the purchaser or purchasing church only. The Resource Guide is non-transferable.