Why Use Church Development Services?


You Mean Besides Saving Money, Time, and Stress???


We Can Help in So Many Ways

We offer one relationship that will meet any or all of a church’s needs – from planning through design, fundraising, financing, and construction!


We supply what the church may be lacking – the missing ingredients that will help your church become the vision that God has for it.


We will help you navigate the maze of development in a manner that will save time, money and effort while producing a better result.

Millions of dollars are spent each year by churches on plans that never get built.

We Are Different


We are different in our ministry focus, and we offer a much broader range of services than most architects or construction  firms. The principals have a strong background in finance and since church building is our ministry, we make it our business to assure churches invest their resources wisely.

It’s About the Process


We do our work as unto the Lord.  We add value in each step of the process, and those values multiply with every service we provide.


This synergy provides a complete solution with total benefits that are greater than the sum of the parts.

We Save You Money


While the building plans are competitively priced to save you money in design, the greater savings may be in how the building is designed to be built. You can choose which construction methodology best fits the needs of the church, with savings being passed back to the church. Our process will help assure the best and highest use of the church’s financial resources as we help the church find financing at favorable terms and rates.


We Save You Time


Navigating through the process of site plan, facility plan, and loan approval is a full-time job filled with challenges for an experienced professional.  The synergy of having consulting, design, finance and construction under one roof saves the church a great deal of time and stress of  having to manage four or more separate relationships.

Church Development Services Saves Money

We Help You Avoid Mistakes


Church building programs are typically run by staff who are not equipped either by training or experience in this process. Inexperience leads to gaps in knowledge which will cost the church time and money. Commercial construction is complicated and expensive. It does not take much of a mistake to cost the church tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. This waste of time and money breaks our hearts.


Why Many Church Building Plans Don’t Get Built


A primary reason many church plans are never constructed is because a proper development process specific to real estate combined with attributes unique to churches is not followed.  Church pastors and leaders are great at vision casting and creating excitement around a vision.  This vision is then taken to a design firm, with not enough attention paid to cost or the church’s financial ability. Cost-effective design, where function has equal parity with form, is often not properly prioritized. Millions of dollars are spent each year by churches on plans that never get built.


For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first
and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it.

Luke 14:28

In Summary


We first listen to the church leadership to understand the vision, the ministry and the community programs in which the church wants to be involved. We review the stewardship/resource history and future growth plans.  We review the attendance records, local demographics, and local construction costs to ensure your plans meet ministry needs  as well as the church’s financial ability.WE WILL NOT KNOWINGLY ENGAGE in a design project if we do not feel the church can afford to complete the project.


Church Development Services combines our love for Christ, and our love for serving in the body of Christ, resulting in a track record of execution with excellence.


We save the church time. We save the church money. We honor God.


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