"I can honestly say that without CDS, we would not have been able to have our own building..."

"The design of the building is beautiful and masterfully done. We all love it, and it is beyond anything we could have envisioned.​"

"CDS helped us understand how this project was possible, and today we are in our new building."

"Without a doubt, this was the wisest money we have invested."



Recognizing a Vision


When we first met CDS, our church was meeting in a hotel conference room with the hope that one day we would be able to build a permanent church home.  Fast forward seven years, and we are in our own building and have almost doubled in size while the hotel in which we had been meeting has closed.  Glen recognized that our church was something special — even when local banks could not see (or fund) our vision.  After listening to our vision and plans, Glen helped us by raising private equity to fund the project.    CDS designed a cost-effective building, and helped manage the construction of our new facility.  I can honestly say that without CDS, we would not have been able to have our own building which allows us to have a significant community impact in Olive Branch.

Pastor Bob Thomas, Church of the Harvest

Olive Branch, MS

Leadership and Skill in Finance


Kurt Werth is the Chief Financial Officer of Church Development Services.  He and his family have been members of my church for over ten years.  He was appointed to be a member of our Stewardship/ Finance and Compensation Committees shortly after joining the church because he had extensive church financial committee experience as well as general financial business experience.  For almost ten years, Kurt has been a valuable member of our financial team and we appointed him Chairman of both the Stewardship/Finance and Compensation Committees in 2012.  Within the first four months of his appointment, he was able to lead a restructuring of our long term debt, effectively reducing our interest rate by 2% resulting in a $20,000+ monthly payment reduction.  I fully endorse Kurt for his leadership ability and skill in reviewing financial information, to assess project feasibility and analyzing information to make recommendations for improvement.

Pastor Michael Simone, Spring Branch Community Church

Virginia Beach, VA

Financial Management Expertise


As an elder at Spring Branch Community Church, I appreciate all the work that Kurt Werth puts in as the Chairman of the Finance Committee.  I am a partner/owner of a medium-sized construction company (concrete) and I understand operations and finance, so I appreciate a good financial manager when I see one.  Kurt brings a significant amount of financial management experience to our church’s finance committee and has done an outstanding job restructuring our debt, lowering our monthly payment significantly.  Glen Trematore has been involved as a teacher in men’s ministry and also is very involved in the Spring Branch Children’s ministry as a leader in Rock City.  I highly recommend Kurt Werth and Glen Trematore of Church Development Services as they are solid individuals as well as effective business professionals.

Mike Hauser, Construction Company Executive

Financial Procedures & Processes


I have known Kurt Werth since 2008 when he was a member of the Stewardship and Finance Committee at a church while I was their Executive Pastor.  While I am now the Executive Pastor of another church in Virginia Beach, Kurt and I have remained connected. Two years ago, our church approached Kurt to request advice on our next steps.  We needed accurate information as we looked toward the future.  As the CFO of Church Development Services (CDS), Kurt suggested that CDS conduct a feasibility study to determine if the timing was right to begin a construction project, and if it was, how large of a building could our church afford.  Kurt jumped in and assisted us with our financial procedures and bookkeeping processes, and helped us “professionalize” our financial information for bank presentations.  CDS and its CEO, Glen Trematore, helped us strategically as we sought to purchase land for very favorable terms.  They are now completing our construction drawings, and will manage our construction project.  We highly recommend CDS, its financial feasibility process and its design/build methodology which is effective, transparent, and “church friendly”.

JD Calkin, Executive Pastor, Coastal Community Church

Virginia Beach, VA

Understanding & Evaluating Church Loans


Kurt and I serve together on the Executive Board of Young Life Capernaum – Hampton Roads.  YLC-HR is an organization that brings the love of Jesus Christ to middle school and high school children with mental and physical disabilities.  I also have worked with Kurt and Church Development Services (CDS) to evaluate several loans for churches which have expanded using CDS design/build services.  The information we receive from CDS to evaluate loans is very thorough, complete and well organized.  Kurt is a knowledgeable financial executive who understands what banks need when evaluating church loans.  I strongly recommend CDS and Kurt for financial feasibility and financial consulting services. 

Dale Schuurman, Banking Executive

Feasibility Study Was Very Valuable


CDS helped Grace Bible Church with a feasibility study, which was very valuable. Although we are a fairly large church (about 1,000 total attendees at Sunday services), we have been in a storefront, and had never undertaken a building project. CDS’ expertise and process helped us understand the important issues involved in building including design, financial capacity, fundraising, and communicating with our congregation. The CDS team’s extensive experience was very helpful as we put our plan together, and they invested the time needed to get us to a good place. I highly recommend CDS.

Matt Breitenberg, Executive Pastor, Grace Bible Church

Virginia Beach, VA

Honest and Caring Assessment


AMI Church Consulting Services [now CDS] gave us an honest assessment of what our church needed, and could actually afford to build. This was the crucial foundation for our building program. I was also impressed with the follow up calls to see how we were progressing, months after the assessment was complete. It showed they really cared about our church’s success. I have nothing but great respect for them and the work they do for the Lord.

Laird Dahm, New Sharon First Christian Church

Inspiring Vision


It was your inspiration and vision that helped us reach beyond the limited scope of our original building plans to see a larger picture of what our needs were and what the Lord could accomplish through the generosity of His people. We are enjoying our new building and have seen the Lord wonderfully supply “all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Peter Mason, Faith Baptist Church

Rexford, NY

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Masterful Church Design – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


I would like to personally thank you all for the dedication and efforts that you have put in to get us over the hump and moving forward. We placed some really challenging demands on you, and you all came through beautifully. Our circumstances are not ideal, but you brothers took charge to get things done as quickly as possible.


Every time I speak to any of you, I am encouraged and uplifted spiritually and I am truly grateful for that. It was our prayers from the beginning of this project that the Holy Spirit would guide us to the right people, and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that He led us to you.


The design of the building is beautiful and masterfully done. We all love it, and it is beyond anything we could have envisioned. My compliments to you and your staff, not just for a job well done, but for pouring your hearts into it. I think you went above and beyond the call of duty, and it is appreciated more than words can express.

Les Heins, Steering Committee Chairperson Riverside Church of Christ

Lafayette, LA

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A Dedicated and Caring Attitude


“We are grateful for the efforts and conscientious attitude of your Construction Manager, Doug, for going above and beyond the call of duty.  I happened to pass by the building on a weekend afternoon near dusk, and saw Doug’s truck there.  He was just finishing up sweeping the auditorium area in anticipation of our church members meeting there Sunday afternoon to view the building and to have a prayer session.  Doug was neither asked to do this gracious gesture, nor would we have expected it.


CDS is blessed to have such dedicated and caring employees.  Doug has done a wonderful job of orchestrating the construction in a timely fashion despite a long run of unfavorable weather conditions.”

Les Heins, Building Committee Chairman/Deacon, Riverside Church of Christ

Lafayette, LA

Supporting and Respecting Our Vision


“I want to express my gratitude to you for all the support you showed me when I (as well as the church) needed it. You were the ones’ who helped us get through the difficult times with your advice, suggestions, and always had the utmost respect for our vision.  We will never forget your attitude, help, and your patience.  There is no way to explain how important that support was for us.  Please know that you can rely on us whenever you need any help and we will do our best to be useful for you.”

Elder George Eison, Victory Gospel Chapel

Portsmouth, VA

We Did Not Think It Possible


We knew we needed to build, but did not see how this building which we are sitting in tonight was possible. We got connected with CDS through a divine connection with someone in another church. CDS helped us understand how this project was possible and today we are in our new building. 


Pastor Scott, Admin Pastor of Bridge Church (formerly Harvest Outreach)

Virginia Beach, VA

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Bridge Church Grand Opening Celebration Video


Capital Fundraising Campaign


A Biblical and God Honoring Capital Campaign


“Steve Anderson was incredible as a representative of CDS. As a reluctant Capital Campaign Director, Steve gave me more help, assistance, and direction than I ever thought was necessary. His leadership skills were proof of his incredible knowledge base, which helped Riverside excel at a faster pace than we thought was possible. His ability to critically review, systematically organize, and logically implement and guide was simply extraordinary. This was a truly biblical approach to fundraising, which made it enjoyable, yet challenging.


The most impressive, and, in my opinion, the most critically imperative component of Steve’s guidance, was to honor and bring God glory during the process. Because of his guidance, I believe Riverside grew spiritually and was able to overcome a myriad of obstacles while uniting the church as the body of Christ. I look forward to our continued journey over the next three years, and I treasure the opportunity which was afforded me to befriend a brother in Christ.


I will recommend CDS without reservation or hesitation to any organization who desires intellectual honesty, Christlike integrity and character, exponential spiritual growth and guidance while working toward a financial goal.”

Johan Adendorf, Campaign Chair, Riverside Church of Christ

Layfeytte, LA

Our Highest Recommendation


If God is leading your church to expand, then this program is what you need to accomplish that God size task. Why? Because the campaign material starts where all great accomplishments for God starts…PRAYER! Prayer is woven throughout the whole campaign. I cannot tell you what a difference it made in our campaign team and our church family, as we cried out together for God’s help. We had many, many praises of what God did for us!


The Campaign provided us with weekly task lists that kept our team focused, and of course CDS made sure we got it done! They worked with our Pastor and each of us each step of the way. Our capital campaign sacrificial gift offering exceeded our goal! It was a great experience working with them and we give them our highest recommendation.


Thanks CDS!

Louann Mazon, Campaign co-chair, Gassaway Baptist Church

Gassaway, WV

Our Campaign Produced an Abundance


We are very pleased with the campaign.  From my perspective as Sr. Pastor, the manual was most helpful because it laid out a very simple easy-to-follow path that produced results.  From our Campaign Director’s perspective, our consultant Rod was the most helpful because he was able to answer questions, bring clarity, and provide just enough accountability to keep things moving in the right direction.


Once again, we were very pleased with the campaign. From my perspective, it is hard to see anything that could be improved upon; it produced more than what we needed and went very smoothly.

Pastor Jason Meechan, Sr, Pastor, Kona Faith Center

Kealakekua, Hawaii

Recommended Without Hesitation


“God is truly awesome, and none of this would have been possible without the guidance and direction given through His servant, Church Development Services (CDS). They came in and equipped us with training, materials, timelines, and most of all, encouragement. They helped us strategize and conform the campaign to fit our church’s culture while constantly encouraging us to press to toward the mark and have faith in God and the process. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this man of God to any church considering a stewardship campaign.” 

Bob Thomas, Senior Pastor, Church of the Harvest

The Wisest Money We Ever Invested


“CDS is a pleasure to be around and extremely knowledgeable in the field of church construction. They love people and are gifted communicators. They asked us questions we never considered. They provided insight we would have overlooked. They redirected us from present paths that were unwise.


From the beginning to the end of our campaign, they charted a clear course and the methods for successfully accomplishing it. With their advice, we marched forward by God’s grace with confidence, encouragement and prudence. Most of all, I appreciate their commitment to do things God’s way. They support the sufficiency of Scripture and honoring King Jesus above all else. They were a tremendous blessing for us.


We would have been foolish to attempt something this big [a church capital campaign] apart from a professional consultant. Having a church consultant and working with CDS comes with my highest recommendation. Without a doubt, this was the wisest money we have invested.”

Randy Smith, Pastor, Teacher, Grace Tabernacle

Lake Como, NJ

A Marvelously Successful Campaign


As a fellowship that had never undertaken a capital campaign, I think we all had reservations that such a thing would be a pressure, not a pleasure!  Working with CDS turned out to be a wonderful, and blessed, surprise. The CDS representatives were patient, organized, guiding without being controlling, and always “on call.” They also kept the focus on this as part of our walk with God, showing us how a capital campaign was more than a program, it was one way God works out His purpose in His people.

As a result we not only had a marvelously successful campaign, but we also grew both individually and corporately. I can heartily recommend CDS both professionally and personally. We are grateful to God for bringing CDS to our fellowship!”

Pastor Wayne McDonald, Metrocrest Community Church

Coppel, TX

Our Best Capital Campaign Ever


“I am writing today to offer my strongest recommendation and endorsement of Stephen Anderson and Church Development Services. Stephen has been extremely beneficial in helping Raleigh Road Baptist Church conduct our most recent campaign. Over the past 23 years, Raleigh Road Baptist Church has engaged in 8 previous campaigns. This one, however, was significantly different. We entered this campaign with the daunting task of raising funds for debt reduction. Stephen’s presentation to us in July 2009 convinced us that he was the one who understood the purpose of what we were trying to accomplish. He did not present himself as our “hire,” but as a genuine partner in helping us accomplish our goals.


Stephen provided excellent resources, and tailored the campaign to fit our needs. On the rare occasions his recommendations were not taken, he quickly deferred to the church leadership and emphasized that his job was to help us make the best decisions for our situation. In light of the many campaigns Raleigh Road Baptist Church has conducted, it is high praise indeed that THIS campaign is considered by many of our long time members to be the best campaign to date. I am pleased to give Stephen Anderson and Church Development Services my strongest recommendation.” 

Pastor Rob Pochek, Raleigh Road Baptist Church

Wilson, NC

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