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Mistakes to Avoid in an Expansion Project #2

Selecting the wrong architect or builder.

It is imperative to choose a Christian Church Architect. A Christian Church Architect’s perspective allows them to ask the right questions, and their expertise in churches allows them to understand the use of your building. After all, a building is a tool for use in your ministry. The person down the block who designs strip malls won't have the proper understanding of your needs, no matter the depth of their faith. Be sure to:

  • Set up procedures and then stick to them.

  • Don't take excuses.

  • Check the builder's references closely.

  • Check the two or three most recent projects completed by the builder rather than ones done several years ago.

Be careful about attempting to use builders within the congregation itself, and bringing in the builder after plan completion. For the same reasons above, it is best to use someone outside the church for the project. Be sure your builder, or preferably, your construction manager, is on board early on. This will streamline the design and building process and save money when all "three legs" of the stool are present early in the process."


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