Understanding Needs and Feasibility


The Critical First Steps in Church Design and Construction

It is most likely your church will never undertake a task that is more demanding or complicated in terms of cost, risk, and effort than it will in a church building program.


Following a proper process will ensure your church builds the right solution and makes the best and highest use of its limited money, time, and manpower resources.


Most churches start the process of building improperly due to lack of experience

There is no
right way to
build the
wrong thing.

Very seldom are the people leading the building program really equipped by either training or experience to lead the church through a building program in an optimum fashion.  This lack of experience leads to huge gaps in knowledge. Gaps in knowledge cost the church time and money, and will lead to costly planning and execution mistakes.

Get The Answers You Need


While no two churches have all the same answers to the question, there are general questions almost every church needs answered in an impartial and objective manner



  • Do we need to build, and why is building the right thing to do?

  • Why is the selected church floor plan the right plan for this church?

  • What do we need to build, and how was this determined from our needs?

  • What can we afford to build, and how will we pay for the building program?

  • When is the right time to build with consideration to need and financial ability?

  • Where do we need to build, and why is that the right decision?


In other words, the church’s needs and feasibility study will answer the question of “how do we know what we need to build?”


If you have read Insights on Achieving a Positive Church Construction Experience, you already know a few specific benefits to the church from a feasibility study; the bottom line being that churches which did feasibility studies tended to have better outcomes.  When you are talking about projects that are commonly in the $750,000 to $2.5M price range, a better outcome is not only of great importance, it has a very real and substantial dollar value.

CDS Church Feasibility Study

Benefits of a Needs and Feasibility Study


Determines Financial Feasibility

Validates If Land Will Support The Vision

Develops Clear Vision and Actionable Plan

Builds Consensus

Sets Realistic Expectations

Helps Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Uncovers Potential Issues

Improves Church’s Satisfaction With Finished Project

Provides a Space Plan To Drive Design Process

Improves Financial Support


We Provide Options


Depending on where your church is in the process, we provide options. Regardless of where you are in the planning process, we can help!


If your church is just beginning to contemplate a church building program and needs to verify preparedness and ability to enter into a building program and develop a strategy for moving forward, we can help.


If your church is ready to develop an in-depth understanding of ministry needs, space requirements, land requirements, and financial ability that will properly prepare it for design, fundraising, financing, and construction, we can help.


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