Know Where You Are


The best map in the world is useless if you do not first know where you are! Your church cannot chart the best course to the most optimum and successful conclusion without clearly and objectively knowing where it is in the building process.

Church Building - Getting Started

So, Where Do You Start?


The following questions should help you identify where your church is in the process and what the probable next step should be. Since we cannot cover every option or possibility, please contact us with questions.

Do You Need Planning?


Do you have a clear vision and an objective understanding of what that vision will translate into with respect to land and building needs?

Has the church developed a budget and cash flow projection based on its actual financial ability to understand what it can afford to build and how it will pay for it?

Has the church prepared an objective space plan based on ministry needs, community needs, and future growth?

Are you confident enough to “bet the farm” on it? Do you “know that you know” or “think that you know?”  Three out of four churches start off on the wrong foot.


If you have all the above, you are probably ready for a capital campaign.  If not, then planning is probably your best starting point

Are You Ready For Design?


Have you begun a purposeful, long term program of designated giving to the building program that will provide (typically) additional giving of between 30% to 60% above and beyond the normal tithes and offerings each year for several years?

Do you know if your land will support the future vision?

Does your church know if it will raise adequate cash to bridge the gap between project cost and the construction loan amount and have a cash reserve?


If you can answer “yes” to any the preceding questions, you may be ready for architectural services.  If not, it may be more appropriate to start with a church capital campaign or planning.

Church Architectural Drawings

Is It Time For Financing?


Do you have reasonably complete design/construction drawings, and construction cost estimates based on those designs?

Do you have at least three years of complete and accurate financial records that are in a proper format to present to lenders?


If you can answer “yes” to all the above, you are probably ready for church lending services.  If you do not have your financial reports in proper order, you should consider our financial services to help prepare you for the lending process.

Are You Ready For Construction?


Once you understand what you need to build, what you can afford to build, have plans in hand that meet those criteria, and have your financial house in order ... THEN it’s time to build!


Got Questions?  Use our handy Contact Form, and we will gladly give you a call!

Determine the Next Steps


For most churches, a building program presents them with three very difficult challenges:


  1. Figure out the right steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

  2. Figure out the right order to execute those steps.

  3. Do it right the first time – this isn’t an etch-a-sketch that you can shake and start over.

Church Building Next Steps

We can help by supplying the missing expertise, experience, and process.