Church Development Financial Services (CDFS) draws on over fifty-years of principal experience not only in development and restructuring church projects, but also in business mergers and acquisitions (up to $50 million) and large real estate transactions (over $175 million).  Combining this experience with our love for the Lord, CDFS is able to deliver creative and cost effective financial solutions to the church.


Church Development Financial Services Division can assist your church with a wide range of services:


Church Development Financial Services

Obtaining Church Construction Loans

Obtaining Church Re-Financing

Paying Off Bonds

Cash Flow Projections

Analysis of Financial Ability to Build

Financial Engineering to Improve Financial Health of Church

Budget and finances – review and analysis

Construction budget setting and cash flow projections

Financial engineering

Church Financing


CDFS will take the role of assisting the church in sizing any potential debt it might need to incur, and then provide services, either as a broker or agent of the church, to develop various alternative structures and sources for obtaining funds.


Having procured over $500 million of church financing, and with a track record of underwriting success, CDFS principals will help the church understand what it can afford, where the resources are to pay for its borrowing, and to stay within the boundary of scripture regarding debt.

CDS Church Financing

The lending market is tough at best, and even more so for churches.  Fewer lenders are lending to churches and those that do have tougher lending criteria than ever before. CDFS will provide expert assistance in obtaining church financing with rates and terms that are most advantageous to the church.


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Notes of Importance – What We Believe


CDFS and its investing partners do not desire to be long-term landlords or to accumulate assets of church property.

CDFS is passionate about the church having a pristine balance sheet.

We believe the church should lead its body, its community, and our nation as a witness for savvy and smart business practices of integrity.

We are committed to the church accumulating assets for the benefit and glory of the Kingdom.

We are committed to the church benefiting from investing and sowing seeds into other ministries.

We envision a day when needing to access secular institutions to expand the Kingdom will not be a primary financing solution.  We envision a day when the church and its body will benefit from investing in Kingdom building, not only spiritually and eternally, but financially as well.

CDFS will be steadfast in its pursuit of furthering this cause.


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Budget and Finances – Review and Analysis


The CDFS team begins its work with a congregation by assessing the current facility and financial health through a church evaluation and report.  To accomplish this assessment, a proprietary questionnaire is used to evaluate the situation of a particular congregation.


The results of this survey, together with preliminary telephone conversations, will lead to an initial consultation meeting held at the church.  The review will identify financial options and assess the church’sfinancial ability to enter into a building program.

Construction Budget Setting and Cash Flow Projections


“For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower,

does not first sit down and calculate the cost

to see if he has enough to complete it?”

Luke 14:28

Based on the church’s financial ability in terms of cash, equity, safe debt, and using reasonable projections on fundraising, current lending rates and terms, and other factors, CDFS will prepare a construction budget and multi-year cash flow projection so the church will clearly know what they can afford to build and how they will pay for it.


CDFS will review and analyze the churches current financial statements and compare the results to the building plan/vision to ensure vision and financial ability are not out of balance.

Financial Engineering


In many cases, what the church can afford today and what it can afford in the relatively near future with some optimization of its financial situation is quite different.  CDFS will assist the church in maximizing its financial resources and ability to service debt to help the church build what it needs and can truly afford.


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