Church Design & Development Services


We are church developers.  We only work with design and construction having to do with churches and church-related facilities. 


Why Select CDS as Your Church Designer?


CDS and its associates have the experience of nearly 30 years and 500 church projects.  All we work on are church-related facilities – we know cost-effective church design, and we understand how to work with churches. Candidly, this is no different than a team that has experience in other specialized industries like healthcare, multi-family housing, assisted living, fast food, or other types of specific design. CDS is blessed to have a team of professionals that has previous experience in many of the commercial components that make up today’s church. Among this experience would be public and private schools, childcare, restaurants, office buildings, and conference centers. Having this experience compliments the specific needs a church will require from the design team.


Our focus is not, however, on just the design of churches,

but on seeing the churches built for ministry

and the effective working out of the church’s mission

of expanding the Kingdom.

Church Design Services


Church Development Services, together with affiliate companies, can offer a wide range of services. Based on the need and/or missing ingredient(s), CDS can offer full service design professional in charge services or, when appropriate, only provide construction drawings for a church that has development skill and experience that does not require full service. Because of our in-depth church design experience and a library of nearly 500 church plans, we are able to deliver high quality church building plans cost effectively.


And while saving money is important, even more important is how well the building plan meets the real ministry needs of the church, now and in the future. In the years to come, you will forget how much you paid for your church building plans, but not how well your building plans support or hinder your ministry.

Design Services


An inventory of church building plans

Preliminary (concept) church design

Sealed church construction documents

Master planning

Space planning

Structural design

Retain and manage site engineer for civil and      site engineering

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans

Landscape design

Interior design

Color renderings

3D computer models

Responding to builder/bidder inquiries

Space planning & programming

Site evaluation and selection assistance.

Related Services Available


Zoning/re-zoning assistance

Bid documents/drawings

Bidding administration


Opinion of probable cost

Multi-year cash flow projections

Bid evaluation

Contract award

Financial budgeting

Loan procurement assistance

Feasibility studies

We believe you honor God with excellence, and we strive to combine competitive pricing with superior value.


Related Services


Planning:  Proper church design begins with understanding current and future space plan requirements, what you can afford, how you will pay for it, and what the land will support.


Capital Fund Raising:  Raise money to build with a biblical church capital campaign. Most churches raise an additional amount for the building fund of between 1 and 3 times annual tithes and offerings over 3 years.


Church Financing:  We provide assistance with obtaining church construction loans at very competitive rates and terms. If you are not currently qualified for a loan, we can assist you in becoming financially prepared to build.


Church Construction:  In many cases, we can also manage the construction of  the facility. Depending on where you are located and the size of the project, we may or may not be able to deliver additional value and savings to the church. But for most projects, we would be pleased to discuss how our church construction services will save you money on construction.