Building the Plan


At this point, you should be ready to live out the maxim of “Proper planning prevents poor performance and saves money.”  We will have carefully calculated your needs and financial ability, and developed a church building plan according to those criteria. Fundraising for your church building program (if needed) is underway, and your construction financing is in place. You are now ready to build.


Church Development Services' Construction Division can assist in building your church as:

The construction of your facilities is the final step in the building process, and the one in which the church can save or lose the most money.

1. Church builder, using our proven Open Book Construction Management process

2. Church Design/Build Firm

3. Owner’s agent or Owner’s representative


In many circumstances, it will be in the church’s best interest to allow us to build the plan that we have developed. We will help the church in any way we can, including acting on behalf of the church as its agent to help select, negotiate, and oversee the project.

Open Book Construction Management


Church Development Services will oversee the construction of your facility using a contracting method known as Open Book Construction Management (OBCM).


Open Book: Everything is 100% open and transparent to the church. For every subcontractor and supplier, the church can see every bid, every award, every invoice, every check, and will see monthly reconciliations.


Construction Management: You pay the subcontractor and suppliers directly, and we manage the project and process. This reduces the financial risk to the church and allows the church to get the lowest real price on a line-item-by-line-item basis instead of picking a GC with the lowest overall budget.

Why Open Book Construction Management?


Quite simply, it is because we believe it provides the best solution for the church. The method inherently provides the lowest cost of construction and gives the church the utmost control and unparalleled transparency — you know where every dollar is spent and why.

Our implementation of OBCM is a Design/Build process utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery model, except that instead of a fixed maximum price, we help the church build for the lowest real cost.


Open Book Construction Management is not just something we preach — it is how we build our own churches. In lease/purchase projects, CDS is the owner of the building, and when we build our churches, this is the process we use. We do not believe we can give a higher recommendation than that!

CDS Construction Management

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5 Reasons to Have CDS Build Your Church

1. Lowest Real Cost

2. Complete Transparency and Accountability

3. Team Approach vs. Vendor Approach

4. Volunteer Labor Friendly

5. Construction Savings Pass Through to Church