What Is a Capital Campaign?


A church capital campaign is a spiritual endeavor that produces huge financial results.  A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money for construction or retire debt. One of the goals of the capital stewardship program is to help people understand that a Kingdom need gets a Kingdom provision, and that this provision is made through the proper stewardship of God’s people.

Raising Funds
for Building Your Church or Debt Retirement

Our Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign is based on two foundations; the Word of God and the best practices for capital fundraising, as refined by thousands of churches who have preceded you in this spiritual endeavor. Through a process of prayer, preaching, teaching, education, and transparent communication, your members will grow in their faith and in their faithful giving.

What To Expect From Our Church Capital Campaign


There are many benefits from a church capital campaign which may be categorized as spiritual and financial.


The spiritual benefits of a professionally-facilitated capital campaign are:

Improved biblical understanding of God’s plan of providence and stewardship

Increased faith in the promises of God

The blessings that flow from doing things God’s way as it pertains to stewardship

Increased spiritual excitement

Increased unity in the body


The financial benefits of a professionally-facilitated church capital campaign are well documented.


Additional financial support raised typically over three years that typically ranges between 1 and 3 times tithes and offerings.

A 10% to 15% increase in giving to the general fund.


There are several factors that will impact how much your church might be expected to raise in a capital campaign, among them:


The effect of the current economy in your church and your area

The level of sacrifice in current giving

The motivation for a capital campaign

The opportunity for large gifts


One of the biggest factors in how much your church will raise is the participation of a church capital fundraising consultant or coach.  Studies show churches that use a campaign consultant typically raise, on average, about twice as much money as those who do not.  In effect, this makes the services of an experienced capital campaign coach or consultant available at no net cost to the church.

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