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September 20, 2017

All we are involved with is the design and construction of church and church-related facilities such as sanctuaries, fellowship halls, multi-purpose family life centers, and Christian schools.

For 30 years, Church Development Services has assisted in the development of...

First Baptist Church Mahan Street is coming along. Forms are up and foundation is ready to be poured! We are very excited to continue this journey with First Baptist Church Mahan Street. For more information and pictures on FBC Mahan or any other projects we are curren...

Church Development Services is a paid ministry whose goal is to honor scripture and provide superior value to the church.

Church building is our ministry, and we make it our business to ensure churches spend their resources wisely. 

Our ministry role is to get...

A Comparison of Church Construction Delivery Methods

There are several ways for a church to contract for the design and construction of a new facility. Depending on size and scope of the project, different solutions may be more appropriate than others.  After being invo...

Get our Resource Guide with 50 sample church plans.  These plans are representative of our library of more than 1,000 church floor plans and elevations that include:

* Sanctuaries which accommodate anywhere from 100 to over 1,000 people

* Churches with half- and full-cou...

Church Development Financial Services (CDFS) draws on over 50 years of principal experience not only in development and restructuring church projects, but also in business mergers and acquisitions (up to $50 million) and large real estate transactions (over $175 millio...

Church Development Services, together with affiliate companies, can offer a wide range of services. Based on the need and/or missing ingredient(s), CDS can offer full service design professional in charge services or, when appropriate, only provide construction drawing...

Church Development Services will oversee the construction of your facility using a contracting method known as Open Book Construction Management (OBCM).

Open Book: Everything is 100% open and transparent to the church. For every subcontractor and supplier, the church ca...

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