Frequently Asked Questions

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Design FAQ

Do you maintain licenses in all 50 states?

No, we do not maintain the needed licenses in all 50 states; however, CDS is able to offer services either through reciprocity, NCARB, and/or through a subsidiary company licensed in your state, and we are able to obtain other required business and construction licenses through the normal channels.

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Do you pull the Building Permits

If Church Development Services is constructing your building we will pull the building permits.

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Are the plans and specifications in compliance with our local codes?

Absolutely … Yes! The architect researches the specific requirements for your area and modifies the plans and specifications as necessary at no additional cost. The plans are guaranteed to meet or exceed the local building codes. Changes required by the local building department in order to get a building permit are provided at no additional cost. Our information comes from our experience of working with over 400 Churches and 25 years of building and developing Church properties.

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We like your plans but they are either too small, too large, or do not completely meet our needs. Can we change this?

Plans can be enlarged or reduced and/or customized to meet your particular requirements. The changes are most often at no additional cost. Every plan we have ever done has been unique in some way. Changes have been made to meet the needs of the church, the local building codes, and/or the building site. The key to not incurring additional cost is to keep the plan as close to the standard plan as possible. Increasing the size of the plan will increase the cost by the amount of square foot added.

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Can you provide custom designed plans?

Yes. Our custom designed plans, while more expensive than standard plans, are available at significant savings to standard market rates. Please call for estimates in your area.

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Can we get bids, pull permits and build with your plans?

Our plans include three (3) sets of sealed prints, plus (1) set of reproducible plans which include; Floor plans, all four (4) exterior elevations, foundation plan, all construction details, window schedule and details, room finishes, kitchen and bath details, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing diagrams, and specifications.

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What happens if, during construction, a question arises with the plans?

Most questions are easily handled over the phone whether the job is local or out of town, especially in this day of fax machines, cell phones and e-mail. If necessary, we will visit the site at our own expense.

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How do we know if the contractor is building correctly?

Engineers, Architects and Building Inspectors are available nationwide to perform periodic inspections or, you may ask us to make interim or final inspections. Even if you pay a fee for this service, the total cost will be far less than the fee normally charged by Architects for providing the exact same service.

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General FAQ

We are having trouble getting started on our building program. Can you help?

Yes. You know you need to build. The big question is “Where do we go from here and how do we get there?” In response to this we started an on-site consulting service about 7 years ago. See the list of Topics of Discussion. To take advantage of this service, we need at least 30 days notice. There is a 100% money back guarantee. Please call for availability and cost.

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Our mission is to honor God by providing affordable, value-added church building solutions through education, consulting, cost effective church design, affordable financing, and cost saving construction methods tailored to the unique needs of each church.