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CDS Overview – PDF Download

This 5 page PDF file provides an overview of the Church Development Services organization and an introduction to our main service offerings.  This file includes the one page summary that is available as a separate download. Once downloaded, be sure …

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CDS 1 Page Executive Summary – PDF Download

This one-page PDF file provides a one-page executive summary of the company and services. This document is also part of the four-page CDS overview that is available as a separate download. Once downloaded, be sure to remember to save it …

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Resource Guide – Church Floor & Building Plans

Request Church Floor Plans / Building Plans To assist in the process of visioning and planning new church facilities, Church Development Services offers the ability to request a Resource Guide of many of our nearly 1,000 church floor plans.  These church building …

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Church Construction Methodologies – Which is The Right Way?

White Paper: Church Construction Delivery Methods – Which is the Right Way? A Comparison of Church Construction Methodologies There are several ways for a church to contract for the design and construction of a new facility. Depending on size and …

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Church Capital Campaign Tips

Download and share the love with these 6 capital campaign tips: What a church capital campaign is, and is not Goals of a capital stewardship campaign Organizing the church capital campaign team or committee Timing a capital campaign Key scripture …

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8 Foundational Truths about Church Capital Campaigns

Executing a church capital campaign is part science and part art. Some of the techniques that worked well in times past are not as effective today. There have been, and will continue to be, refinements and adaptation in the process …

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Forms & Questionaires

Preliminary Church Information Form

Download the preliminary church background information form and fax it back to us.  This information will help us better understand your church’s unique situation, and will enable us to have a more meaningful conversation the next time we speak. View/Download …

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PowerPoint & Video Presentations

Video: Executing a Church Needs & Feasibility Study

This is a live webinar recorded in 2009 as a presentation made on behalf of the NC Baptist Convention that explains what a church building needs and feasibility study is and the benefits to the church. The updated version of …

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Slideshow: Understanding Needs & Feasibility In A Church Building Program

The most critical part of any church building program is planning. Understanding the church’s needs and project feasibility is major first step in the planning process. A Church Needs and Feasibility study will prepare your church for the next steps …

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Slideshow: Why Use A Church Capital Campaign Consultant

For many churches, the concept of hiring a consultant or coach to assist in fundraising is a foreign concept.  Regardless of the church’s disposition to getting professional assistance, the question will be raised by someone in almost every church as …

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Slideshow: Executing a Capital Campaign in Your Church

This slide show presentation provides an overview what a church capital campaign is, the biblical basis for a campaign, process, and timeline — an excellent introduction suitable for church leadership, capital campaign committees, or anyone interested in executing a church …

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Our mission is to honor God by providing affordable, value-added church building solutions through education, consulting, cost effective church design, affordable financing, and cost saving construction methods tailored to the unique needs of each church.