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Church Floor Plans & Church Building Plans

All we design and build are churches and church related facilities such as
fellowship halls, multi-purpose family life centers, and Christian schools.

Church Floor Plans

Below are just of few of the over 500 church floor plans with seating capacities of 200 to 2,500 which are available in our church plans library. All of our church building plans can be customized to your specific needs, often in less time and less cost of developing a comparable church building plan from scratch.

At Church Development Services, we can not only have architects design your new facility, but we can help with fundraising, construction financing, and, in many cases, build the facility too!

Catalog of Church Building Plans


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The below represent a small cross section of our nearly 500 existing church floor plans.

NOTE: All church exteriors and floor plans may be modified.

Church Floor Plan Exterior Rendering / Elevation
Church Floor Plan 102 Church Building Plan 102
Church Floor Plan 10-264 Church Building Plan 10-264
Church Floor Plan 131a Church Building Plan 131a
Church Floor Plan 15-294 Church Building Plan 15-294
Church Building Plan 206
Church Floor Plan 210

Church Building Plan 210


Church Floor Plan 17-550 Church Building Plan 17-550
Church Floor Plan 25-600 Church Building Plan 25-600

Church Floor Plan S501

Church Building Plan S501
Church Floor Plan 28-700 Church Floor Plan 28-700

Purchase Catalog of Sample Church Building Plans

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Our mission is to honor God by providing affordable, value-added church building solutions through education, consulting, cost effective church design, affordable financing, and cost saving construction methods tailored to the unique needs of each church.